Cemetery Fly Tipping: Culprit Caught

Thanks to local residents, an illegal fly tipper has been caught red-handed in Tottenham Cemetery.


For several months large items such as tyres, oil barrels and building materials have been dumped in a secluded area, causing damage to wildlife and an eyesore for visitors.

A regular dog walker caught the culprit on camera and told The Friends of the Cemetery who immediately sent the footage to the Enforcement Team. A week later after a Police stop and search the offender was discovered to have committed at least six other dumping offences in the area.

They will now be prosecuted which will send out a warning to others thinking they can get away with using our beautiful Cemetery as a landfill site!


BIG THANKS to our Guardian of the Lake (Inno) for setting all this in motion and to Dignity/CRM for clearing the site. 


A fantastic example of the community, council and commercial company working together.

1 thought on “Cemetery Fly Tipping: Culprit Caught”

  1. John Hammond

    Interesting to note here that the fly-tipping was discovered by a dog-walker. Aren’t Dignity Funerals paid (a very handsome sum) to maintain the cemetery? Surely they would have discovered this rubbish had they been carrying out their contractual commitments.

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