The Friends of Tottenham Cemetery was relaunched in January 2021 by a group of local residents who had reconnected with it during lockdown and could see what an incredibly beautiful and unique resource it is to the borough.  

At our first meeting we identified 6 key areas to focus on:


    • Protecting and Promoting the HERITAGE

    • Preserving and Enhancing the WILDLIFE

    • Restoring and Rejuvenating the LAKE

    • Cleaning and Celebrating the MOSELLE RIVER

    • Collecting and Sharing the STORIES behind the STONES

    • Auditing and Interpreting the TREES

We work closely with DIGNITY (CMG) which manages the Cemetery and COUNTRYWIDE which maintains the landscape.

We meet on the FIRST WEDNESDAY of every month at 7pm on ZOOM. Membership is FREE and new members are very welcome.

By joining the Friends of Tottenham Cemetery you are giving this very special place a voice that will ensure it is preserved and protected for future generations.


Ashley Burrows

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