Another Successful Open House!

On Sunday 17th September 2023, for the second consecutive year, the Friends were granted permission to open one of the cemetery’s twin chapels to the public as part of the Open House Festival.

Thanks to our fantastic volunteers, we offered tours and tea to 50+ visitors who were delighted to see the chapel’s beautiful interior and share their stories and connections with the Cemetery. Some had visited when they were children, so it was a real trip down memory lane!

Here are a few comments from our Visitors Book: 

Wow! Finally! So good to see inside after so long! Beautiful wee church with lovely windows. It should be open all the time...

I did not know this existed. It seems fashionable to let cemeteries become derelict so please look after this!

It's fantastic to see this historic Chapel open for the first time for us and we are frequently at the Cemetery. Thank you for opening it!

Amazing to see this open! We have always walked past and wondered... We hope it can be repurposed for events, celebrations of life and remembrance.

Amazing building! Wonderful to meet local passionate people. Looking forward to helping in the future.

Stunning building, which should be restored for everyone to enjoy. Truly a treasure!

Absolutely fascinating on every level. The depth of knowledge on offer is so impressive. Thank you for the warm welcome and thank you to your Association for all your hard work and input.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to visit the chapel. The enthusiasm, stories, and genuine interest of our visitors made it a truly memorable event.

As we continue our mission to preserve and celebrate this historical gem, we encourage as many people as possible to join the Friends by emailing Becoming a part of our community not only allows you to stay updated with our latest initiatives but also offers opportunities to actively contribute to our preservation efforts.

The twin chapels, designed by George E Pritchett, date all the way back to 1858. To read more about the chapels along with some of the cemetery’s other beautiful heritage features, please visit our About the Cemetery page.

2 thoughts on “Another Successful Open House!”

  1. Excellent well done Salma and everyone nice that people can see this hidden gem part of Tottenham cemetery heritage.

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